CAD/CAM Research Laboratory

CAD/CAM lab started functioning with the acquisition of the MSHAK CNC milling machine in 1999. During the next 2-3 years it was equipped with desktop CNC lathe, computers, printing devices, and acquired advanced CAD/CAM software such as Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks, and SURFCAM. Starting from 2001, the Lab is a place where CSE students spend the practical part of their CAD/CAM courses. In 2005 a new, purely practical course – Advanced CAD/CAM Applications, added in the CSE curriculum, during which students were fulfilling joint projects with local enterprises and foreign collaborators. Among our partners have been Arqell cjsc, ARMENOTOR cjsc, Olympia Tools, United Testing Laboratory, AMA Compressor LLC, GlassWorld Company, Hay Cola, Impulse-A cjsc, Florida State University, NI Armenia, Spayka LLC, YSU – CANDLE project. Recently the Lab acquired new CNC machine tool – HAAS Super Mini Mill, which allows to accomplish more advanced projects.

Recent Results

  • Setup of the Remote Lab in the framework of the Erasmus + project Industrial Cooperation and Creative Engineering Education based on Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation – iCo-op.
  • Participation in the 11th International Conference on Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation – REV2014, Porto – Portugal, 26-28 February, 2014
  • Collaboration with Harvard Medical School
  • The University won ASHA grant, some equipment of which will be the part of the CAD/CAM Lab

 Directions for current and near future research

  • Remote training
  • Reverse engineering
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Vacuum casting
  • Laser cutting
  • Implant design and fabrication

Related Publications:

  • AutoCAD 2000: Practical Guide” 2004, Yerevan
  • “The Perspective of Introduction and Application of Modern Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing Technologies in Medicine”, Bulletin of Stomatology and Maxillo-Facial Surgery, 2005, 2: 31-35.
  • Integrating Design and Manufacturing Tools into Ilmenau Interactive Hybrid Online Lab”, REV2014 Conference 26 – 28 February 2014, Porto, Portugal

Completed projects

Project Partner
  • Using the Pro/ENGINEER Pro/Process for MFG module to create process plans for the shaft part; Industry partner
Arqell cjsc
  • Design and Analysis of Fast Grip Wrench
United Testing Laboratory
  • Design of a Beam Load Cell for the Given Strain Gauge Sensor Through Sensitivity and Optimization Analysis
United Testing Laboratory
  • Design and Manufacturing of Molds for Polypropylene Fittings
  • Design of the Piping System for a Portable Compressed Natural Gas Station
AMA Compressor LLC
  • Mold Design for Borjomi Glass Bottle
GlassWorld Company
  • Design of Wind Turbine
Florida State University – Keuka Wind, Florida
  • Wind Turbine Desalination System
Florida State University
  • Design and Simulation of Stand for Mechanical Vibrations
NI Armenia
  • Design of Optical Oscilloscope
YSU – CANDLE project





Current projects:

  • Industrial Cooperation and Creative Engineering Education based on Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation – iCo-op (ERASMUS +)
  • Innovation & Technology Incubation Center Project (ASHA)
  • Intramedullary Nailing with the Proximal Femoral Nail Antirotation (Jointly with Harvard Medical School)

Profile for team members

Sargis Zeytunyan
CAD/CAM Lab Director, Lecturer, Program Chair, Team leader

Albert Minasyan
Adjunct Lecturer, Embedded Systems Developer, Energize Global Services LLC

Suren Khachatryan
PhD, Assistant Professor, Program Chair,

Levon Stepanyan