Graduate Programs


Currently, the College of Science and Engineering offers two degree programs: a Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering and Systems Management (IESM) and a Master of Science in Computer and Information Science (CIS).

The IESM program is designed to prepare graduates with a broad-based knowledge in industrial production and operations management. Classroom instruction is supplemented by laboratory work, field trips to various service centers or manufacturing plants, and by active participation in applied research projects in the Engineering Research Center dealing with problems of current interest to Armenia. The graduates of the IESM program are qualified to work in all types of manufacturing (e.g. electrical, chemical, automotive, consumer goods, food) or service (e.g. health care, retail, banking, consulting, software) industries, and are expected to play key roles in the ongoing transformation of Armenian industry, as well as in the emerging private enterprises in the industrial and service sectors of Armenia and its region.

The College also administers the Master of Science in CIS degree program. This is an applied program to help students gain the necessary skills required to be productive leaders of the computing and related industries in Armenia. As such, students complete a broad training in the technical areas of the field, as well as in business, management and entrepreneurship. In addition to completing the core CIS course requirements, students are required to complete a Practicum course, as well as the culminating experience that consists of either an applied project or a thesis.