Why CSE?

The CSE applies principles of quality control to its own programs and is committed to excellence in learning through continuous assessment.

The CSE has developed specific competencies based on the needs of the region and shares these competencies with the AUA community.

The CSE has been the forerunner in several areas including distance education, international student recruitment, the formalization of all procedures and processes for students and faculty within the College, and the development of a webpage that is welcoming and provides updated and detailed information to both Armenian and international students.

The classes in the college employ a student-centered approach to teaching.
Students are encouraged to actively participate in lecture discussions, as well as in other aspects of course delivery. Course evaluations are utilized with each course for students to provide anonymous feedback on their course experience. In addition, AUA students have an active role in the university via the student council which represents the students as a community voice to the administration of the university.

The thesis project provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate and apply skills learned during the program. Further, the thesis project provides important feedback to faculty and administrators about what areas of the program might need to be strengthened or emphasized.

The CSE is visible in the local community and is engaged with other academic institutions and industry groups in Armenia.