Applied Cryptography Laboratory

Completed Projects

  • Project with NTX Research, Paris “Development of e- password solution and implementation of  Erindale cryptographic hash algorithm”- 01.01.2001- 12.31. 2011
  • Grant from Volkswagen Foundation “ Application of Security to Biometrics and Communications”- 07.01.2011-12.31.2013
  • Project with Samsung corporation visual Display Division – “Design of a fast runtime integrity solution” 12.01.2011-5.31.2012
  • Project with Samsung Research center in Ukraine (SURC)- “Design of data transformation algorithm”- 6.01-2012- 11.30.2012
  • Project with SURC- “Components of data protection Engine”-5.01.2013-10.31.2013
  • Project with SURC “Cloud search engine  “          01.2014 – 10.31.2014
  • Project with Mentor Graphics Corporation “Development and implementation of waveform storage and compression algorithm”-01.01.2014-12.31-2014
  • Project with Volo Global limited. “Design and software implementation of secure search over encrypted database”-  November 15, 2016 – May 15 2017.


Related Publications:

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Team members

Gurgen Khachatrian
Full member of Armenian National Academy of Sciences. Doctor of Sciences, Professor , Team leader

Melsik Kuregian
PhD, Senior Cryptographer. Co-author of SAFER+ and SAFER++ algorithms. Design and Cryptanalysis of Block ciphers, Development and security analysis of White box encryption. Development of fast algorithms applicable to RSA, Elliptic curve and other cryptosystems.

Sergey Abrahamyan
PhD, security analysis and software implementation of block ciphers, Development and security analysis of White box encryption.

Martun Karapetyan
PhD student. Software development and security analysis of White box encryption

Knarik Kuregian
PhD student, Software implementation of cryptographic protocols and algorithms. Analysis of cryptography related patents.

Hovik Khasikyan
PhD student, Software implementation of block cipher algorithms, development of biometric authentication algorithms. FPGA design.