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40 Marshal Baghramyan Ave.
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iTEL.am covers AUA’s Large Language Models (LLM) Summer School course, which was attended by 70 students, nearly double the projected number of participants as the number of applications exceeded expectations. /ARM/


BSES to Launch Drone Club in September 2024

The upcoming Drone Club aims to further strengthen UAV management skills for both simulation and real-time scenarios.

BSES Capstone Projects Showcase Engineering Excellence

The presentations showcased students’ innovative research and outcomes while also reflecting on the research and product development process.

AUA to Host Inaugural PyData Yerevan Open Source pandas Sprint 

Participants will have the opportunity to set up a development environment, learn the specifics of contributing, and more.

BSDS Program Capstone Projects Showcase Talent and Innovation

Students tackled real-world problems and worked with real-world data to offer solutions, with recommendations for further research.

AUA-WPI Study Abroad Program Celebrates Student-Led Initiatives in Armenia

Each of the six projects was guided by sponsors tackling and providing solutions to community-based issues in various sectors in Armenia.

AUA Students Explore Filmmaking

The Introduction to Filmmaking course teaches the fundamental principles and techniques of filmmaking for students to apply in their films.

AUA’s Engineering Research Center Celebrates Decade of Collaboration With Siemens

Scientists working out of the Center, together with their counterparts at Siemens, tackle 1-2 research topics per year.