CAD/CAM Projects

CAD/CAM Laboratory Installs New CNC Machine 

The AUA College of Science & Engineering has received a HAAS CNC milling machine from H2 Economy, an Armenian company that has discontinued its operations. The machine, to be used for educational and research purposes, is housed at the College’s CAD/CAM Laboratory. It is capable of milling complex surfaces on a variety of hard materials such as steel. It is substantially more precise and has more capabilities than the milling machine being used at the Laboratory for the past 12 years. The CAD/CAM Laboratory Director, Sargis Zeytunyan, says “The new machine can achieve positioning accuracy to 5 microns.” For comparison the width of human hair is 70 to 100 microns. Zeytunyan explains, “Such precision can be used for medical parts and equipment, jewelry fabrication, and precise tooling production.” The HAAS CNC machine is equipped with a tool palette that has automatic tool-changing capabilities. The new machine has been installed and is expected to soon be utilized for coursework and research activities.

Advanced CAD/CAM Applications for Companies in Armenia 

Ara Yeressian (CIS ’12) and Babken Chugaszyan (IESM ’12) collaborated with National Instruments (NI) engineers to create a 3D model of an engineering training stand. The stand is expected to be offered by NI’s Armenia office to educational institutions for teaching various types of mechanical transmission as well as to examine their dynamic, structural, and thermal characteristics. In addition, Flora Matsakyan (IESM ’12) and Arsen Balagyozyan (IESM ’12) designed a universal container for vegetable freight that is made of polystyrene. The student team also designed the molds to be used to manufacture the polystyrene freight containers. The design need originated from SPAYKA LLC, a freight-forwarding company that stores, packages, and transports agricultural products internationally.