CIS Program Description (2020)

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Computer and Information Science Courses


Course code – name  Credits Concentration

Preparatory courses (no graduate credits)

ENGS 104 – Probability and Statistics (or equivalent) 0
CS 111 – Discrete Mathematics (or equivalent) 0
CS 120 – Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (or equivalent) 0
CS 121 – Data Structures (or equivalent)
CS 130 Computer Organization (or equivalent) 0
CS 211 Introduction to Algorithms (or equivalent) 0

Core courses (21 credits)

Theory of Computing 3 Theoretical CS
Software Project Management 3 Software Engineering
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design 3 Software Engineering
Advanced Object-Oriented Programming 3 Software Engineering
Advanced Statistical Modeling 3 Data Science
Advanced Algorithms 3 Theoretical CS 
Machine Learning 3 Data Science

Capstone (6 credits)

CIS Capstone Preparation (2nd year standing) 3
CIS Capstone Thesis (2nd year standing) 3
CIS Capstone Practicum (2nd year standing) 3

Concentration Requirements (15 credits)

Image Processing 3 Theoretical CS or Data Science
Databases 3 Software Engineering
Artificial Intelligence 3 Data Science
Distributed System 3 Software Engineering
HP Computing 3 Software Engineering or Theoretical CS
Compiler Design 3 Software Engineering
Operating Systems 3 Software Engineering
Entrepreneurship 3 Software Engineering
Software Engineering 3 Software Engineering
Advanced Cryptography 3 Theoretical CS
Deep Learning 3 Data Science
Network Programming 3 Software Engineering
Databases 3 Software Engineering
Knowledge Representation 3 Data Science
Data Visualization 3 Data Science
Time Series Analysis 3 Data Science
Data Warehousing 3 Software Engineering
Game Theory 3 Data Science
Computer Graphics 3 Software Engineering

Additional Electives (6 credits)

Bioinformatics 3
Data Mining & Predictive Analytics 1 3
Quality Assurance & Management 3
Portfolio Theory 3
Production Systems Analysis 3
Supply Chain Management 3

Graduation requirements

  • All students must successfully pass the seven Core courses (21 credits). Please note that students should be aware of the Preparatory undergraduate coursework needed for their CIS graduate courses.  If a student has not completed these prerequisites during their undergraduate studies, he/she should enroll in the corresponding Preparatory courses.
  • Students must also choose one of three concentrations: Theoretical Computer Science (TCS), Data Science (DS), or Software Engineering (SE).
    1. Students choosing the TCS Concentration must successfully complete 15 credits from the Theoretical Computer Science Concentration (outside of the core).
    2. Students choosing the DS Concentration must successfully complete 15 credits from the Data Science Concentration (outside of the core).
    3. Students choosing the SE Concentration must successfully complete 15 credits from the Software Engineering Concentration (outside of the core)
  • All students must complete the six-credit Capstone requirement.
  • All students must complete the AUA environmental requirement (at least 1 credit), by passing for a grade any course pre-approved by the Program Chair which fulfills the requirement.
  • A student must complete at least 48 credits for graduation, and all courses must be taken on a letter grade basis.  A cumulative grade-point average of 3.0 or higher is required for graduation. Students who wish to register for electives not listed must get prior approval from the Program Chair.