IESM Curriculum and Concentrations

IESM Program Curriculum – what’s in it for you?

We offer six core foundational courses that provide students both intellectual depth and practical skills in Operations Research, Quality Assurance and Management, Simulation of IE Systems, Engineering Economics, Analysis and Design of Data Systems, and Production System Analysis. 

In addition ME IESM offers a great variety of elective courses that students choose from based on the concentration they decide to pursue:  

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Concentration 1 Logistics

Supply Chain Management / Enabling Competitive Advantage through Information Technology / Managing Engineering and Technology

Concentration 2 Data Analytics

Data Mining & Predictive Analytics / Design and Analysis of Experiments / Design and Innovation of Information Services

Concentration 3 Sustainable Operations and Resource Management 

Sustainable Smart and Resource Efficient Systems: Decision Making Tools,  / Innovation, / Remote Sensing and Environmental Analysis / Alternative Energy

By the end of study IESM students work with real companies and problem owners to come up with an interesting investigation and design topic for their Capstone Thesis and Project in a discipline and industry they like most 

Some of previous years Capstone topics include

  • Prediction of car price based on current market data
  • Route  and waiting time optimization for mobile taxi service based on predictive analysis of data
  • Greenhouse climate management system optimization based on system data
  • Suggestion of banking product design based on Conjoint Analysis of consumer data
  • Optymal Bus Routes and Location of Stops
  • Identify key decision factors for mortgage customers
  • Design of database system for complex inventory management