AUA Solar Monitoring Station

Since August 1, 2016, ERC operates a Hobo Solar/Weather Monitoring Station (SWMS). The station, at the AUA Paramaz Avedissian Building (PAB) rooftop, is equipped with:

  1. Global Horizontal solar radiation sensor (GH)
  2. Global solar radiation sensor that is inclined in the Southern direction at approximately 33⁰ to horizon (33DegH).
  3. Wind Speed recording sensor (anemometer)
  4. Wind Direction recording sensor
  5. Humidity sensor
  6. Air Temperature sensor









This information is extremely important for decision making on solar energy generation system installation. Here is a print screen of the Graph View of its output:


Since May 1995 the AUA solar monitoring station (SMS) has been collecting data. Its peculiarity has been that it also had a rotating shadow band (see the right picture above) that allowed collecting all three main components of solar radiation:

  1. Direct Normal (DN)
  2. Diffuse Horizontal (DH)
  3. Global Horizontal (GH)

Here are the graphical monthly outputs of the one year of its operation for the Global solar radiation sensor, along with daily data for up to December 31, 2000:









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