Zaven & Sonia Akian College of Science & Engineering (CSE) offers its students

  • rigorous academic training,
  • multiple internship and practicum opportunities, and
  • industry-focused research projects

in which they can become engaged. The combination of academics, hands-on experience, and research at CSE helps students gain the thorough knowledge and skills required to be productive and innovative leaders in their fields. The success of our Master’s programs is evidenced by the high job placement rate of our graduates – more than 95 percent of our alumni are employed.

The CSE currently offers two Master’s programs, Industrial Engineering and Systems Management (IESM) and Computer and Information Science (CIS) and Bachelor programs in Computer Science (CS) and Engineering Sciences (ES). In addition, the CSE runs the Engineering Research Center (ERC) where cutting-edge research is conducted with significant student engagement.

CSE Master’s Programs



CSE Bachelor’s Programs



Admissions Information

Please refer to the university admissions page for information on how to apply to the desired program:

For information about undergraduate admission please refer to:

Financial Aid and Tuition

AUA offers several types of financial assistance to students accepted into its programs. Students may apply for one or more of the following options:

  • tuition assistance (based on the need of the applicant),
  • academic scholarship (based on academic merit),
  • payment with a deferral,
  • a work/study position.

For more information on these assistance programs please refer to:

For information about tuition please refer to:

Military Service Deferral

For qualified male applicants, military service deferral positions are available on a competitive basis.


AUA is accredited by WASC, one of the main accrediting bodies in the US; as such, a degree earned at AUA is recognized by universities and prospective employers in a manner similar to an equivalent degree from accredited US-based universities.