BS in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences (New, Pending MoESCS Licensure)

Program Description

The four-year undergraduate Bachelors of Science (BS) program in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences (ESS) is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to understand and address sustainability challenges facing the natural and human-made environments. The program will enable students to analyze human impacts on the planet’s climate system, biodiversity, biogeochemical cycles, water resources, land systems, and more. In addition, it will enable students to focus on sustainability of urban environments, including urban alignment with nature, mobility and energy solutions, air quality, use and disposal of water, waste and circular economy, disaster resilience, and more. The program will equip students with knowledge and tools to work in multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural settings to begin addressing these challenges at the local, national, cross-border, and global levels.

The degree is designed to take advantage of synergies between its offerings and those of other AUA programs, e.g., Politics and Governance, English and Communications, Business Administration, Computer Science, Data Science, and Engineering Sciences. It will also seek to create bridges with the Nursing undergraduate program currently under development.