Participation Guidelines

How to participate?
  • What are the expected task types?


1st task includes recording short excerpts in Armenian.

2nd task includes validating excerpts recorded by other participants.


  • What are the steps to follow?


Step 1: Register on the Common Voice Website:

Step 2: Fill out the user information (including the language and your accent / Eastern/Western Armenian)

Step 3: Click on the three-dotted lines on the left and choose your first task (Record/ Ձայնագրել) or (Validate / Լսել)



Step 1: Start recording the first 5 sentences by clicking on the recording button.

Step 2: Check your audio recordings and record again if necessary. 

Step 3: Confirm your 5 recordings by clicking the Confirm / Հաստատել button.

(Once you confirm, your 5 recordings will automatically be saved to your daily contribution. You can continue with another task or quit.)



Step 1: Start listening to the recordings and click “Yes” if the recording is correct or “No” if you do not validate it. 

Step 2: After completing 5 successive sentence validations, the website will show the percentage of your contribution, and you can continue completing the task by clicking continue. 


  • How do you check the overall number of contributions?


The overall number of your contributions will be registered and seen on your dashboard page of the website [].


Evaluation Criteria and Metric

The challenge score will be counted using the formula: Score = 2*A + B

A - The number of clips recorded in the Armenian language.
B - The number of validated clips in the Armenian language. 

Challenge Submission Deadline

Challenge Deadline: December 5, 8:00 AM

Submission Link: